Jason's Application Hints & Tips

Application Form

I felt that the initial application form gave me a great opportunity to express who I was, my motivation, and what I thought I could give to Bird & Bird. Although generic at this point, make sure you be yourself; Bird & Bird is full of personality so try to make sure it shines through at this stage.

Make sure you understand why you’re applying for Bird & Bird. Listing deals or the strengths is all well and good, but try to explain what it actually means to you.

Also as a general rule, if when you finish your application, you can take all of ‘Bird & Bird’ out of your firm and replace it with another, then you are being too generic.

The Watson Glaser

After the application form, I was later automatically invited to take the Watson Glaser test. There isn’t much to say about this section, as it evaluates your way of thinking, however, I would advise that applicants practice verbal reasoning and logic based exercises.

Video Interview

In my interview, the format was that I was asked a question, given a bit of time to think about my response, then the camera would start recording, at which point I would give my timed response. Video interviews are a bit weird in the sense that you are effectively talking to yourself. Try to get practice speaking in front of the camera, and practice answering questions out loud!

Assessment Day

I remember feeling extremely nervous on the assessment day! However, I was immediately put at ease shortly after entering the building. The Bird & Bird team and other candidates were very friendly, and we were given our structure for the day.

My only advice at this stage is to be yourself! Be proud that you have reached this stage in the process, let your personality show, and enjoy it!

Jason White, Future Trainee