Blaithin: Life as a Bird & Bird Brand Ambassador at Imperial College

In the highly competitive legal market, aspiring lawyers must find ways to distinguish themselves from their peers in order to make that all-important application stand out. Although there are a variety of creative ways do so, engaging with law firms early on can help students develop an insight into the legal market and learn which skills are essential for a successful application. One way to engage with law firms is to become a Brand Ambassador. Being a Brand Ambassador for a law firm provides an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate key skills needed in a legal career and helps to develop a relationship with a firm. With this in mind, I decided to seek out such an opportunity and began researching the roles.

Applying for the Brand Ambassador role

Having researched a variety of firms, I felt that I would be most suited to Bird & Bird and learnt that the firm was looking for brand ambassadors. I emailed graduate recruitment expressing my interest in the role and in reply I received a form with a number of questions such as which social media channels I use. After submitting this form I was asked to complete a short video interview testing my ability to perform the Brand Ambassador role. Following this I was delighted to learn that I had been appointed as a Bird & Bird Brand Ambassador for my university!

My experience as a Brand Ambassador

Upon appointment, the Brand Ambassadors were asked to participate in an induction day at the firm. Graduate recruitment hosted the induction day during which they clarified their expectations and explained how we could best represent Bird & Bird. This was a particularly invaluable experience as we were given a first-hand insight into the firm and its ambitions. Additionally we had the opportunity to meet with partners and have informal discussions with trainees.

As a Brand Ambassador I hosted a pop-up event at my university, encouraging students to learn more about a career in law and Bird & Bird. I also promoted online events hosted by Bird & Bird such as Twitter Q&As, and shared content from the firm which was relevant to students at my university. I mainly used social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to reach out to students but I also encouraged students to approach me and ask any questions they had about the firm. At the end of the role I was required to present a Brand Ambassador report detailing my experience as an ambassador and recommendations to improve student engagement.

What are the benefits of the role?

The Brand Ambassador role really helped me to understand the mentality of Bird & Bird and what they are looking for in their applicants. The graduate recruitment team were particularly supportive and helpful, and maintained regular contact with us throughout the year. Developing such a relationship is particularly valuable when applying to a vacation scheme or training contract, as you have a genuine insight into the culture of the firm and its values. Additionally as a Brand Ambassador you develop a variety of relevant skills through organising events and communicating with students and graduate recruitment. Moreover as an on campus role taken up during university term, being a Brand Ambassador can provide valuable experience for your CV which can help you when applying to further legal opportunities during the summer break.

I really enjoyed my experience as a Brand Ambassador for Bird & Bird and feel that I developed my confidence, organisation and understanding of the firm. I would highly recommend any aspiring lawyer to apply to the Brand Ambassador position, as it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills and gain a genuine insight into Bird & Bird!

Bláithín Dockery