Bird & Bird type #7

The Creative Legal

artistic & engaging & full of ideas

After meeting two Bird & Bird trainees at a university event Emma Green sensed that ours was the kind of culture she could thrive in. “From the start I could tell their outlook mirrored mine,” says Emma. “The more I got to know about the place, the more I realised this was where I wanted to work. The people here are genuine and innovative.”

“I’d been interested in Intellectual Property since starting my own business as a student. So that’s the area I chose for my first seat. It didn’t even feel like I was starting a new job – the firm had been so good at keeping in touch with me since I’d started looking to join them. My experience on the summer placement confirmed this.

Real Estate was my second seat. I’ve broadened my skills and handled more direct responsibility. I found I had quite a lot of opportunity to use my own initiative. If you’re comfortable and confident you’re trusted to get on with it; however there’s always support and supervision.

Bird & Bird let you grow in the direction you want and they inspire you to push yourself. So that’s what I’d say to new colleagues. Think creatively and challenge yourself to learn because this is the best time to expand your knowledge and try new things. “

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