Bird & Bird type #1

The Proactive Linguist

eager to learn & international & a good networker

Adeena’s first experience of Bird & Bird was at an open day at university and she was instantly impressed at how the values and principles expressed on the firm’s website were embodied by those she met.  Adeena felt an immediate connection with the firm and knew that it was the place that would help her become a successful commercial lawyer.

As a future trainee I have realised that the firm really does invest in getting to know you as a person as well as a lawyer, which makes you feel like more than just a name on a list of trainees in an annual intake.  The firm keeps in close contact before starting the training contract.  They also ensure you are invited to various firm-wide events which helps to ease the transition into working life.

I was given the opportunity to work in the firm’s Client Education team before commencing the LPC.  I worked towards helping the firm give their clients industry knowledge and know-how through training sessions and social networking events. I was trusted to represent the firm at external events and this responsibility has been very developmental.

Through in-depth presentations with partners and ‘Q&A’ sessions with current trainees, the firm were extremely helpful in helping us find out more about the firm’s departments to help us give our preferences for our first seat.  This support and encouragement has been very important in shaping our future careers. My first seat will be in Dispute Resolution which I am delighted with and now I cannot wait to get started!

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